The Dung One Stove
Lanny Henson, September 3, 2006

Dung 03Dung 03
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T-LUD Pellet Stove at BSNB4
Kevin Chisholm, July 8, 2006

I have had the opportunity to attend a local event, the BSNB4 on 2 June 2006, where some impressive technology, at early stages of development, was presented. One of the presentations, a T-LUD pellet stove, burning a 25 pound bag of wood pellets in 15 minutes, had a few rough edges, but it certainly brings the T-LUD to a new height. A suitable exhaust hood would, of course, be required for safe indoor use. See picture.

Pema Pot Skit
Jigme Rangdrol June 10, 2006

Pema Pot SkirtPema Pot Skirt

There seems to be actual agreement that pot skirts make combustion stoves better.
It is clear however that the bulk of deployed stoves do not have pot skirts.
Therefore an inexpensive pot skirt that could be made in the third and fourth world for those deployed stoves would have some usefulness.

Prototype Briquette gasifying stove

Richard Stanley and Kobus Venter October 2003

The Prototype Downdraft Sawdust Carboniser

Elsen Karstad July 3/98
Chardust, Nairobi, Kenya

Energy for People, Prolena Bolivia, Juan Carlos Guzman, July 2004

Woodgas Stove With Computer Fans, and Project Report (In Spanish, pdf) Managua, Nicaragua, Nikolaus Foidl, October 2005


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