International Seminar, 5-7th March, 2007 Cocinas para una vida mejor - Stoves for a better life La Paz, Bolivia

Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda, Clean Energy Group, Winrock International 30 Noviembre 2006

PCIA Bulletin 14: PCIA Partners in Africa
Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, January 7,2008

Dear Partners,

We have published the 14th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

HEDON newsletter (21/11/2007)
Raffaella Bellanca [], Household Energy Network

Welcome to the email newsletter of the HEDON Household Energy Network.

PCIA Bulletin 13: Government Policies and Incentives
Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Dear Partners,

We have published the 13th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

HEDON newsletter (13/08/2007)
Fran Humber, Household Energy Network HEDON

Boiling Point 53: Technologies that really work - May 2007
Liz Bates, HEDON, July 2007

The theme of this edition is "Technologies that really work" and we are pleased to welcome Crispin Pemberton-Pigott as theme editor. Crispin is well known to many Boiling Point readers and has worked in the field of stoves for over 25 years. His editorial discusses changes that have happened within the household energy sector over the years and looks at what the future challenges could be.

This edition covers a range of energy technologies and looks at what has made them successful and used by people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There is also a discussion around the issues needed to make a technology successful including the social, economic, marketing, environmental and political factors.

CleanAirSIG e-conference: 16 - 27 July 2007
Household Energy Network HEDON

To celebrate the launch of the CleanAirSIG, HEDON and Practical Action are holding this two-week online conference on kitchen smoke alleviation.

The topics to be covered are:

* Community projects
* Monitoring and evaluation
* Technology development,commercialisation & enterprise
* Policy action
* Knowledge sharing and networking
* What are the next steps?

To join the conference, log on to the HEDON website and click 'subscribe' for the CleanAirSIG Conference in the usercentre. You will then receive email confirmation - it is so easy!

HEDON site:

Conference site:

HEDON newsletter (16/07/2007)
Fran Humber, Household Energy Network HEDON


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