Russian and Ukrainian Manufacturers of Charcoal, Meeting March 14, 2007, St. Peterburg
Dr. Yury Yudkevich, main technologist "Bioenergy LLC"


Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers of charcoal have decided to organize a meeting. This meeting will take place in Petersburg on March, 14. They plan 1. to create association charcoalinger. 2. To develop the common strategy of sales of coal. 3. To study opportunities of a collective output on the foreign markets. Participation of wholesale consumers of charcoal from Europe and others is desirable.

ETHOS 2007 Conference and Registration Jan 26-28 Northwest University, Seattle
Mark Bryden, Iowa State University, October 23, 2006

HEDON newsletter (14/12/2006)
Magi Matinga, Household Energy Network HEDON

International Conference on "New Villages with Renewable Energy" Beijing March 12-13, 2007
Suzy Wei, China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI)

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PCIA Bulletin 9, October 2006
Elisa Derby, Lutfiyah Ahmed, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

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HEDON newsletter (30/08/2006)
Erin Boyd, Household Energy Network HEDON

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PCIA Bulletin Issue 8, August 2006
Lutfiyeh Ahmed, Elisa Derby, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

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We have published the 8th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

Hedon Newsletter
Erin Boyd July 31, 2006

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