Retained Heat Cooker

Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a Basket website
Elizabeth Riddiford,Community Conservation Initiative (CCI-Kenya), June 1, 2007
Kakamenga BasketKakamenga Basket

Energy Saving Stoves (pdf)
Majiko Sanifu, Traditional Irrigation and Environment Development Organization, Moshi Tanzania

Examples of Energy Savings Stoves:

Jiko la Kilakala
Hutengenezwa kwa udongo wa mfinyanzi, majani, mchanga na mawe.

Kilakala Stove.
Made-up from clay soil, grass and sand

Jiko la Lushoto

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Experience with Integrated Cooking/Retained Heat Cooking
David Whitfield, CEDESOL, Cochabamba, Bolivia February 2005

Technology transfer is more a social issue than a technological one.
That is one reason our methods utilizes hands on works shops followed by

Design Principles for Retained Heat Cookers
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, March 2005

Guesses at Design Principles for a Retained Heat Cooker

1.) Air exchanges are more important than insulation

Ecological Stoves David Whitfield V CEDESOL La Paz, Bolivia, presentation to Global Village Energy Partnership Latin America Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July 2003


A Resource Book on Fire-Less Cookers/Cooking (The Hay Basket) Compiled by Solar Cookers Int. (hardbound)

Draft Bibliography courtesy of Paul Anderson (September 2003):


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