New Lao Bucket charcoal stove by GERES and the Cambodia Fuel Savings Program (CFSP)

GERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket StoveGERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket Stove

Average efficiency 29% compared with traditional Lao Bucket 10%.

CFSP Stove Designs
Charcoal Savings Using the New Lao Bucket Stove, Stove Molds and Other CFSP tasks to improve production and dissemination
and Improving Wood Charcoal Manufacture

Brochure on Cambodia Fuel Savings Program

Monitoring Table

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Low Cost Shredders in Cambodia, Robert Deutsch, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Mar 2004

Cambodia Fuelwood Saving Project (CFSP), GERES, (France) Claude Tournellec May 2005


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