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Wick Burners: Martin's Tea Time (MTT) Candle Stove
Martin Boll, September 26, 2006

The stove I promised to make out of tea-candles is a “MTT”-stove (Martins Tea-Time).

I made it a year ago.

See the pictures and description below.

Martin's Stove Term Lexicon
Martin Boll, April 2006

Martin Boll has created a list of stove terms in German, English, Dutch and French.

Download the Stove-words-G-E-D-F-26-apr-2006.xls Excel file or if you have Created an Account and Logged in you will see an attached Excel file which youcan click on to download.

Add new languages to the file and upload it or send it to We will post the results for general use.

Selbstkocher- Self Cookers
Boll, Martin Dr. April 4, 2006


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