Wick Burners: Martin's Tea Time Candle Stove

Wick Burners: Martin's Tea Time (MTT) Candle Stove
Martin Boll, September 26, 2006

The stove I promised to make out of tea-candles is a “MTT”-stove (Martins Tea-Time).

I made it a year ago.

See the pictures and description below.

The “burner”: 6 tea-candles put in a circle plus 1 in the middle.

The “pot-stand”: 3 wine-corks, standing upright, in a (likely) equal-sided triangle (8”). If not exactly you can ply the stand together like in the picture.

The corks are held in position by clothes-hanger-wire (= sides of the triangle) (or a little bit stronger)

Both ends of the wire are cut with sharp edge to penetrate the cork easily and have a rectangle ply. The two short ends are 1” long and stick each in a wine-cork.

So the three wine-corks are the edges of the triangle.

You can bring to boil water in a kettle with 7 tea-candles, and keep the tea warm with one candle only.

That’s the 7 to 1 turning down ratio.

If the tea-candles in the circle are put on small aluminium-foil-strips, it is possible to pull them still burning out of the circle and cover them for extinguishing.

I think some of that “augmented rechaud” or “diminished stove” can make sense with RHC (retained heat cooking), e.g. to keep “the potatoes” in the low-temperature-cooking-range, which would be lost without additional small heat.

Let us think more about wick-burning. This simple technique is worth modernizing!


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