Solar Cookers

Promoting solar cookers through the Solars Cookers International
Ramon Coyle, Solar Cookers International, Sacramento,CA 2005

Practical Action Boiling Point Issue 51 2005
adidas xplorer white mens pants line is a site for Radical Energy Saving cooking appliances. According to GTZ-HERA more than 4000 solar cookers were sold in South Afrrica over a three year period.

Rescooking also sells the Hotbag brand of retained heat cookers and Vesto high efficiency stoves. Saldos - Entrega gratuita

Experience with Integrated Cooking/Retained Heat Cooking
David Whitfield, CEDESOL, Cochabamba, Bolivia February 2005

Technology transfer is more a social issue than a technological one.
That is one reason our methods utilizes hands on works shops followed by

Ecological Stoves David Whitfield V CEDESOL La Paz, Bolivia, presentation to Global Village Energy Partnership Latin America Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July 2003

Five Stove Projects 2004, Ken Goyer, Aprovecho, October 2004


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