Kenya Seeds of Change~300 Woodfuel Producing Tree Seeds for the price of a Haircut

The Kenya Seeds Of Change initiative aims to contribute towards national afforestaion by land owners through the countrywide sales of inexpensive tree seeds and the promotion of direct seeding woodlot establishment. Seeds are by far the best method of promoting wide scale tree planting in Kenya. These are some of the benefits from the direct planting of tree seeds compared to planting seedlings;

•Seeds are Cheaper! (At roughly 0.25cents per tree compared to 20+ shillings per seedling)
•The tree’s hardiness and survivability increases.
•Thousands of seeds can be transported and stored much more easily then thousands of seedlings can until the planting time comes.
•Seeds can be massively disseminated through existing retail outlets with minimal price increments from producer to consumer. Tree seedlings face problems of availability at the right time, dissemination logistics etc.
•Partially domesticated indigenous tree species are best grown from seed. They are already adapted to Kenya’s climate, soils and pests and the trees are currently widely used and understood by the population.
•Seeds simplify the enhancement of the genetic diversity of planted woodlots.
•The above/below ground biomass ratio is more conducive to healthy growth when a tree is planted from seed.
•Overall financial losses and risks from drought, animals etc. are significantly less under direct seeding.

Available at the Carnivore Restaurant, UniqEco in Karen, Lukenya Agrovet in Kitengela Town,Ol Choro Wildlife Conservancy in Aitong, Roslyn Green Gardens in Westlands with more outlets to come!

The first best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW!!!Nike