Rice Husk Gas Burner for Bakery Oven

Rice Husk Gas Burner for Bakery Oven, Alexis Belonio, Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines April 2006

A rice husk gas burner for bakery oven is now commercially available. This rice-husk-fuelled gas burner significantly reduces the cost of fuel for baking. In this technology, rice husk is gasified inside the reactor and the gas generated is ignited at the burner, which produces luminous bluish flame for heating bakery oven. The gas burner can be conveniently operated as compared with other rice-husk-fuelled ovens. The amount of flame can be uniformly controlled with the use of a switch.

The rice husk gas burner supplies energy to two 12-plate ovens simultaneously. One or two minutes is required to start firing the rice husks in the reactor. Once the rice husk are ignited, continuous operation is achieved for 30 to 40 minutes before shifting to the other reactor.

The rice husk gas burner featured in this article is owned by Mr. Gil Cordon, a baker from Jaro, Iloilo City. According to him, he uses LPG fuel for 10 minutes to start-up the oven and after that shifts to the rice husk gas burner until operation is done. He also uses LPG fuel as back up in case of power failure. Both ovens are simultaneously used when baking Entrainement Nike