Anagi Stove Construction in Sri Lanka
ARECOP, Practical Action

The most popular ICS in Sri Lanka is marketed under the trade name
“Anagi”. The word “Anagi” in Sinhala language means precious or
excellent. So “Anagi” stove is very useful as it saves fire wood and
cooking time. Lab tests carried out on the stove indicate a technical
efficiency of 21 % and numerous field cooking tests indicate average
firewood savings over 30%...

National burden of disease in India from indoor air pollution
Kirk Smith, 2000
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-7360; and East-West Center, Honolulu, HI 96848

CRRI Rice Husk/Chaff Stove (pdf)
Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack (Orissa), IndiaAdidas Yeezy shoes

PCIA Bulletin Issue 7, June 2006
Lutfiyeh Ahmed, Elisa Derby, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Wim Hulscher, Zheng Luo, Auke Koopmans
FAO-RWEDP, Bangkok HEDON December 1999

It is explored how programmes for introducing (improved) woodstoves can bejustified in terms of greenhouse gas reduction at competitive cost. The discussion is put in the context of real life observations in Asia and alternative justifications for stove programmes. A few options for putting stoves on the international 'carbon market' are briefly analysed. Tentative results show that a stove project could well result in reduction of CO2 emission at a cost of less than 2 US$/ton.

New Lao Bucket charcoal stove by GERES and the Cambodia Fuel Savings Program (CFSP)

GERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket StoveGERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket Stove

Average efficiency 29% compared with traditional Lao Bucket 10%.

CFSP Stove Designs
Charcoal Savings Using the New Lao Bucket Stove, Stove Molds and Other CFSP tasks to improve production and dissemination
and Improving Wood Charcoal Manufacture

Brochure on Cambodia Fuel Savings Program

Monitoring Table

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