Andrew J Heggie June 2002

Here I post pictures which may help to explain the evolution of what I was trying to do with my steam aspirator. I have had it successfully running but whilst it sustains combustion in a device that self extinguishes in the absence of a fan, it needs much more fettling. In fact the steam content very much modifies the flame, such that I do not think my monotube boiler and nozzle are at all matched to the task.

I now think it would probably better suit when used to provide only primary air or as an eductor. In essence I must be achieving very poor mass and power ratios on the aspirator, such that Ken Boak's mechanical propeller could well have better conversion of the steam to air motion.

I have also now bought some other tubes with which to demonstrate.

Andrew Heggie


My initial monotube coil (made from ~2.5m of cunifer brake pipe) producing steam in the flame of my small (2.5 litre table top demonstrator) cook stove being powered by a small electric blower.
Monotube Coil
The same with a view of the pressurised water reservoir and a propane burner nozzle attached.
Pressurized Water Reservoir with Burner Nozzle
6mm coanda nozzle operating on low pressure compressed air prior to being attached to the steam coil.
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