Here is a top view showing the sprocket sitting on three stones with six insulated half bricks on top of the sprocket. I

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Charcoal burning in the Sprocket Rocket.

Like the SixBricks Rocket Stove, the owner can finish her stove any way she likes.

Charcoal dust and fines are saved by mixing with clay and forming into balls which are then allowed to dry. These are also sold.files/images/sprocket13_0.jpg New Arrivals - Check out the latest sneakers at Capital.

Large sacks of charcoal are broken down into small bags for

Charcoal is delivered all over Uganda in bags like this. They cost about 12,000 shillings each (About $6.50). Pictured are our three original stove promoters, Francis, JK, and Mary.

The Sprocket Rocket (pdf) (Uganda)
Ken Goyer June 4, 2006

Ken Goyer describes the "sprocket rocket" charcoal stove and its use in Uganda.

This is a bicycle sprocket. I was visiting a camp near Lira and this woman came along holding this sprocket. She said that she was planning to make a Sprocket Rocket and that she had paid 1000 shillings (about 54 cents) for it.

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Richard Stanley, Kampala, October 2003


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