TMC-1 Thresher Masher Chopper

Richard Stanley, Kampala, October 2003

I would like to offer a few photos of a novel thresher chopper masher device we recently developed, which is termed the "TMC-1"(for lack of anything more poetic). We plan to be selling it through any interested local manufacturer. (Its is too heavy to ship economically anyway).

It cannot chop wood beyond say 20mm dia sticks. It is expressly for prepping material (agro residues, carton board , paper and plastic bags etc.) for use in a holy or wholly solid biomass birquette. The machine has the capacity to process about 300 kg a day of a vairety of the above which is about the total demand for two, 6 person microenterprise-based production teams. Two such teams would in full production capacity reach a market of about 100- 150 families per day.

Richard Stanley

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