Here is a series of photos of the open source paraffin stove being made by New Dawn Engineering. Not shown are the external tank and hose which can be any suitable size or material. It is an FSP stove by type, which is a 'gravity stove' operating at a slightly elevated pressure but without a pump or compressed tank.

This stove is self-extinguishing if tipped over and features a high flame temperature, low CO emissions, excellent stability and robust construction. All the parts are separately replaceable. The frame is mild steel flat bar and the other parts are stainless steel save the screws. The CO/CO2 ratio is particulary low at less than 0.05%. The heating power is 600 to 1800 watts varied by the brass control valve. The pot rests can be changed by the user. The basic unit without the top deck can be bolted under other devices like baking ovens or water heaters.

The fuel consumption is about 6 or more hours per litre on high and 12 hours turned down to 'half'.

Prototype Staff House Kitchen Assembly Kit Stove with Pot Rests
Christa Roth, GTZ/IFSP Mulanje, Malawi, May 19, 2006

Joao's Clay Vesto Stove - Maputo
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, New Dawn Engineering, Swaziland, May 2006
Joao da Conceicao

Joao's Clay Vesto

Mali (Sewa) Stove Used in Polekwane, Limpopo Testing
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott and Rina King, New Dawn Engineering, December 2002

Rina King: A picture of the "Mali Stove" and "Modified Mali Stove" are attached. "They"

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How to Make a Portable Clay Stove
Crista Roth IFPS Malawi/GTZ ProBEC (February 2003) Chaussures Homme J.M. Weston

How to Make a Portable Clay Stove
Crista Roth IFPS Malawi/GTZ ProBEC (February 2003) nike headquarters Sneakers

How to construct a kiln (Pictures and Instructions from IFSP, Malawi)
Christa Roth, February 2003

Lesotho: The Nkokonono (Poloko) Stove
Peter Scott, Aprovecho, October 16, 2003

New Household Stove and Bread Oven For Lesotho
Peter Scott, Aprovecho Research Center, with GTZ, November 2003Supreme


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