New Household Stove and Bread Oven For Lesotho

Peter Scott, Aprovecho Research Center, with GTZ, November 2003

Peter writes:

Here are some pics from Lesotho. I really like the new household stove (check out the built in cone skirt for round bottom pots and the cut out top plate to fit the three legged pots and the stand which supports an extended shelf. The cost for the household stove will be about 10US (retail about double I suppose) but the stove we are going to build in Durban is going to only cost about 4 Us and (retail about double.

Novmber 6, 2003

Nkoko Household Stove
Bread Oven Closed Bread Oven Open
Bread Oven Interior

Rocket Stove for 100, 200, 200 L Pots and

Planch Style Bread oven Stove

Peter Scott, Aprovecho Research Center, with GTZ Uganda, September 2003

Peter Scott working with GTZ sends a description and photo of a Rocket stove developed this month for larger pots and another for a bread oven in Uganda.

Rocket Stove for Large Pots Plancha Style Bread Oven Stove

Peter writes:

ROCKET STOVE FOR 100, 200, 300 Liter Pots

The 100L stove has a high power of 10.6kw. Using the PHU water boiling test resulted in 49.5 %. The stove takes 52 min to boil 75L of water. There is a 1cm gap between the large pot and the skirt made from brick. The insulated fire box is 8 inches square and 20 inches tall. A tile shelf supports wood in the feed magazine...

The cost is between $50 - 150 US depending on finish and quality of brick . It takes 2 days to build. Also available are a 200L and 300L brick version that GTZ is buiilding this week in Uganda. Kawere Muhammad is selling a metal version for 1, 2, and 300 L which is Insulated with cut pumice block.

Note the full rolling boil with a couple of sticks in the combustion chamber and no visible smoke with dry (but also true for wet) wood . The version shown does not have a chimney . The same stove can be easily fitted with a chimney which can reduce the PHU score.

I have CAD and step by step photos of the stove but I'm still trying to turn them into a PDF so that I can send them out to everyone.


17 kg of bread with 5 kg of wood. This was a considerable reduction in wood consumption as compared to the traditional wood fired bread oven which consumed 200 kg to bake the same quantity of bread !


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