Prototype Briquette gasifying stove

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Mogogo Stove Eritrea
Robert Van Buskirk

Eritrea Traditional Stove Efficiency

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The Prototype Downdraft Sawdust Carboniser

Elsen Karstad July 3/98
Chardust, Nairobi, Kenya

CANECOAL, Western Kenya
Elsen Karstad, Nairobi, Kenya May 2003

Canecoal on Drying Racks Bagasse at Chemelil Sugar Factory

AFREPREN/FWD - African Energy Policy Research Network/Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination April 2004

Ανδρικά Nike

Production of the Mirt Stove and Baking Injera, Ethiopia, Melessaw Shanko, August 2004

Paraffin Single Pot Stove Testing, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, Swaziland, August 2004

Sazawa Charcoal Stove Designed for Efficient Use of Charcoal C. Pesambili, F. Magessa and N. Mwakabuta, Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organization (TaTEDO) Dar Es Salaam 2003


Sazawa is an Improved Charcoal Stove developed by TaTEDO; the stove is made up of metal sheet, round bars and two clay ceramic liners (fireboxes), which are bounded together to metal body by mixture of cement and rice husk ashes. Intended to save a significant amount of charcoal consumed in the cooking meals in the households.

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