Improving Health with Improved Cooking Stoves

Improving biomass cooking stoves is a powerful positive health intervention, especially in households that include children. Enclosing stoves prevents skirt fires, and burns that can be deadly or permanently disfiguring. Reducing emissions in cooking stoves, keeps those particles from building up in the lungs of babies, children and other family members, and improves survival rates from pneumonia, influenza, and other infections.

Smoke's increasing cloud across the globe
Practical Action June 16, 2006


It is in the world’s poorest regions that smoke is a major threat, including China, India and sub-Saharan Africa. On current trends, 200 million more people will rely on these polluting fuels by 2030. Women and children are exposed for up to seven hours a day to pollution concentrations 100 times and more above accepted safety levels. There is ample medical evidence that smoke from burning biomass fuels leads to killer diseases, such as penumonia, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.

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Shedding new light on wood smoke: a risk factor for respiratory health
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Household Woodsmoke and Health in Guatemala
in PCIA Bulletin Issue 7, June 2006
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 7, June 2006
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Our US public broadcasting system recently presented two good programs on AIDS

For those of you in the field working with AIDS affected individuals, families and care givers: what impact do improved cooking techniques such as improved cookstoves, retained heat cookers, solar cookers and integrated cooking have on helping to cope with AIDS?

What's Cooking?
Jessica Budds, Adam Biran and Jonathan Rouse October 2001
WELL Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough, UK

Indoor Air Pollution Reduction in Indoor Air Pollution Reduction in
Peru and Bangladesh
: Peru and Bangladesh:Experiences and Lessons to Date (pdf)
Lutfiyah Ahmed and Rogสินค้าออกกำลังกายผู้หญิง คุณภาพ ราคาพิเศษ