Criteria for Selecting Good Stoves

Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

What I feel is strongly needed by NGO's and others dealing with Household Energy for Developing Countries; is a list of about top10 actual fuels to be used and top 10 actual types of stoves to be used.


With a list of energy values


With a short explanation about function, advantages and disadvantages, type of fuel which can be used. A comparison table for fuel consumption, time of cooking, CO,CO2 PM etc


  • Low tech
  • High tech
  • Produced by local tinsmith
  • Produced by mechanical wokshop.
  • Welding needed or not
  • Mass-production
  • Access to templates and plans from
  • Prices
  • Others

Practical use

A maximum of one A4 page to each subject to be shown should be enough. A ranking list from 1 to 10 to fuel and stoves could also be of interest and a kind of minimum requirement to enter the list.

With the regards Paal Wair max 90 leather pink youth