Controlling the smokes and the gases in Ring Kiln

Controlling the smokes and the gases in Ring Kiln
Yinka R.Adewumi, Congo, April 2005

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Dear Stovers,
I have six 8" diameter Ring Kilns that am using to carbonise woods and it
has being working perfectly and I have also developed it such that it now
become a bit easy to operate and the charcoal yield has also increase in
volume and not really much in weight.

What I guess causes the weight problem is the type of wood am using because
I am using strictly Abura timber which is one of the common timber here in
Nigeria,west Africa.

The problem I now faced with is how to control the smokes and gases that
comes through the chimmey.Tom once suggested that they are combustible
gasses and that I should burn them off but I don't know at what stage do I
apply fire to burn them off.

Please I needed your assistant fast on this issue before the goverment start
asking question.

Attached to this mail is one of the sample of the ring kiln.

Yinka R.Adewumi
omoluabi2002@yahoo.comNIKE AIR MAX