The Onil Cooker (pdf), Cocedora Onil, Helps Retained heat cooker, demonstrated at ETHOS 2006, Kirkland, WA.

Illustrations: Think Cooking Safety

Don O'neal, Helps International
Intercambio Mesoamericano Antigua. Guatemala August 16-18, 2001

Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy

See more on the Onil Web site: http://www.onilstove.com/awards.htm

The Onil Stove 2005, Don Oneal, HELPS International

For the most up to date information, see their web site http://www.onilstove.com

Don O'Neal and Helps International have developed efficient cooking stoves in two basic styles.

Durability of Insulating Bricks and Ceramic Stoves, Discussion September 2005


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