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Retted Switchgrass Fireballs
Jeff Davis, September 10,2006

rsf8: Picture 8rsf8: Picture 8

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These fireballs are made from retted switchgrass with some waste vegtable oil (WVO) added. As can be seen in the above picture they burn well in the inverted down draft gasifier thus the Woodgas Camp Stove.

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Methods in Paper Fireballing

Methods in Paper Fireballing
Jeff Davis, September 5, 2006

1. Soak paper in water.
2. Process through disposal.
3. De-water.
4. Ball in cement mixer.
5. Dry.

"Rock & Roll"

1. Soak paper in water.
2. Place wet paper w/rocks in cement mixer (Rock & Roll).
3. Remove rocks after agglomerations have formed and ball some more for
final shape.
4. Dry.


The paper is first soaked in water. Here I am using a plastic 55 gallon drum. I have found that this drum has poor ergonomics, it's too deep for one to remove the last third of the paper.


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