Water has been and is used as a binder because of the strength of it's surface tension and because it act as a lubricant. Water is also very good at wetting particles for example starch is aided and carried by water.

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Looks like a good way to power electric fanned stoves.

"The two schemes have brought electricity for lighting and small appliances such as radios and mobile phones to over 200 families (around 1,500 people). Villagers are very enthusiastic about the schemes, in particular the opportunity they give for children to study in the evening - exam results are said to have improved considerably."


HydroFan - Pico Water Power (part 1)
Jeff Davis,December 2, 2006

This is a concept model of a water powered stove fan called the HydroFan. The goal of this design is to provide a powered fan for cook stoves which is powered by a few gallons of water placed above, in a container, and to the side of the stove. The water would flow through a tube setting a water wheel in motion. This water wheel would be coaxial with a fan which ultimately provides the stove with forced draft via duct work leading to the stove. The water would be collected by a shroud and drain into a container resting on the floor. Later this water would be emptied into the top container for later use. Possibly a valve like device could be used to vary the RPMs of the fan.


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