Stove Camp

One Day at Aprovecho Stove Camp 2006
Tom Miles September 16, 2006

Aprovecho Biomass Stove Camp 2006
Charlie Sellers, EWB-SFP Appropriate Technology Design Team, August 27, 2006

See Charlie's blog on the ETHOS/Aprovecho Stove Camp

Switchgrass and Paper Fireballs at Stoves Camp
Tom Miles, August 2006

Fireball Switchgrass
Fireball Switchgrass
Fireball Paper

Fireball Paper

Stove Camp 2006 August 18

Two Stove Camps in India November 2004, Damon Ogle, Ken Goyer, Aprovecho, December 2004
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Stove Camp Results and Photos, Dean Still, Aprovecho/ETHOS, August 2005

Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service
Aprovecho Research Center, November 10-14, 2003

ETHOS Stove Testing and Design Seminar June 2 -6, 2003
Aprovecho Research Center, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Summary and Results from the Seminar, Dean Still (June 18, 2003)


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