Fuel Properties

Characteristics and Availability of Commercially Important Woods in the US
Regis B. Miller, US Forest Service,
From Forest Products Laboratory. 1999. Wood handbook—Wood as an engineering material.

5.1 The Use of Tree Legumes for Fuelwood Production (FAO)
PA Ryan, FAO

Fuelwood is the cheapest fuel available per unit of heat in most developing countries. The annual use of fuelwood has been estimated at 1,200 million cubic metres worldwide (Arnold and Jongma 1978). Fuelwood can be harvested on demand and is easily stored and dried. It can be produced from most tree species and from a wide range of silvicultural systems. However, if fuelwood production is a primary management aim of tree planting, a variety of factors needs to be considered to optimise both the quantity and value of fuelwood produced. For example, a species with high volume production is of little fuelwood value if the wood is very light or if the burning wood produces toxic smoke.

Basics on Combustion: Concepts and Calculations

Basics on Combustion: Concepts and Calculations
Kanchan Rai, Nepal July 2004

Prepared By: Kanchan Rai. Email: 052494@student.hit.no

Here is my effort to share my knowledge on
combustion theories. Online calculation is available for each topic (you can input data only on white cell and click calculate)  Need flash player to do the online calculations.
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Biomass Energy Conversion Factors
USDOE Biomass Feedstock Program ORNL

The following are links to Web sites we have found useful (many universities worldwide maintain good guides and conversion calculator pages):

What Factors Influence Charcoal Quality?
Tom Miles


100C -> Wood drying 19 MJ/kg

220C -> Wood becomes brown
250-270C-> Torrefaction 28% fixed carbon, 72% volatile 23.9 MJ/kg
280C -> Wood becomes deep brown-black

Cooking Fuel Options (pdf) Help Guide Sudan
United Nations Joint Logistic Center UNJLC Khartoum - Sudan


BIOBIB, A Database for Biofuels, University of Technology, Vienna

PHYLLIS Database Biomass and Waste ECN, Novem

Review of Technologies for the Production and Use of Charcoal
Daniel M. Kammen & Debra J. Lew March 1 2005

Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory Report


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