Jiko Safi

Jan Bianchi, November, 2011

Jiko Safi is a clean burning cookstove that is designed to burn Jatropha seeds and has been designed by Jet City Stoveworks in Seattle, Washington. It's a TLUD (top lit updraft gasifier) made of metal. Itcreates a sustained burn that requires no maintenance and which competes favorably with other clean-burning cook stoves in terms of efficiency and ease of use, while at the same time equaling or surpassing their reduction of air pollutants. We have successfully tested the stove in Arusha, Tanzania. Our ultimate goal is to provide families throughout the developing world with access to this stove as a healthy and low cost substitute for wood burning three stone fires, to ensure local economic development by manufacturing the stoves locally, to encourage use of a replenishable fuel and develop retail Jatropha markets to deter further deforestation.

Jatropha grows wild and as a biodiesel crop throughout the Tropics, produces a seed that contains about 40% oil, and can be grown in hedges around land holdings so it need not displace land needed for food production. Planted around average-sized landholdings the hedge produces enough seed to fuel a family’s stove needs annually making it a low-cost, replenishable fuel that, if widely adopted, could prevent further deforestation and make daily living easier and safer for women and children in the developing world.

More information can be found on the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air web site: http://www.pciaonline.org/jet-city-stoveworks
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