Bonga Narrative Survey Report Bonga UNHCR Resettlement Camp, Ethiopia

Bonga Narrative Survey Report Bonga UNHCR Resettlement Camp, Ethiopia
Firehiwot Mengesha and Wubshet Tadele, Gaia Association, January 2007

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Gaia Association has been doing pilot studies on CleanCook stove in different refugee camps. The first camps for the pilot study were Shimelba and Kebribeyah; in these camps Gaia conducted a three months pilot study. Similarly, Gaia made a pilot study in Bonga refugee camp (Ethiopia border with Sudan) for three months’ period in twenty house holds. In the pilot study twenty houses made to own a two-burner stove and they were delivered ten liters of free ethanol for ten days. They made to use the stove for three months period of time. Gaia made two studies; one was monitoring of the indoor air pollution and the other was narrative survey. The indoor air pollution monitoring was done in twelve houses. Six households were monitored immediately after the introduction of CleanCook stove and the rest six was done during the completion of the three months.

The narrative surveys were conducted at the end of the three months in five house holds which had been using the clean cook stove. The survey was to assess the impact of CleanCook stove in the camp. The survey has three parts; the first is about the previous fuel the households use, the second is about CleanCook stove and the third part is about the health impact of CleanCook stove. The surveys conducted clearly showed the refugee women have problem to find household energy and the challenges they face. It also gave insight on family health problems because of the pollution from stoves. For detail information all the surveys conducted are summarize in the next pages.

See attached report.