T-LUD Pellet Heating Stove at BSNB4

T-LUD Pellet Stove at BSNB4
Kevin Chisholm, July 8, 2006

I have had the opportunity to attend a local event, the BSNB4 on 2 June 2006, where some impressive technology, at early stages of development, was presented. One of the presentations, a T-LUD pellet stove, burning a 25 pound bag of wood pellets in 15 minutes, had a few rough edges, but it certainly brings the T-LUD to a new height. A suitable exhaust hood would, of course, be required for safe indoor use. See picture.

In this photo, it was being used to take the chill off the night air, when the bonfire proved inadequate. While the technology employed would be overkill for some applications, one can assume from the nonchalant and unplussed nature of the seated Guests that the technology was indeed appropriate for this circumstance.

The Diameter of the T-LUD was about 14" 35.56 CM) and flame height was about 8' (243.84 CM), suggesting a Flame Length to Stove Diameter ratio of about 6.85 to 1. With a bit more secondary air, flame length could be shortened, but this would tend to blue up the flame, and reduce its radiation characteristics. CO and Particulate emissions, however, would also be expected to improve. Underfire air was provided through the white 100 mm blast tube (4" sewer pipe) by a fan system