Roth, Jeremy

Cooking the Planet: Are biomass stoves in the developing world affecting climate change?
Jeremey Roth, Aprovecho, January 2008


VIDEO: How to build a Rocket Stove (includes making insulative refractory bricks)
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

A new video from Aprovecho showing step-by-step instructions for building a small, single-pot rocket stove made from sheet metal and insulative refractory bricks. Instructions for making refractory bricks are also included in the video.

The video is available for viewing and download from Aprovecho's website


Aprovecho / ProBEC Ashden Awards Video available On-Line
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho

Instructional Video "Building a VITA Stove"
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 13th 2006

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