Otto Formo, February, 2010

I just wanted to inform you that last weekend we had a mini "stovecamp" at Paal`s place, where a skilled metal designer from Haiti, now staying in Oslo, and a few people from our organisation, Miombo ( was trained by Paal to make templates and a full size TLUD ND Peko Pe ( 5 litre).

Different Types of Natural Draft TLUDDifferent Types of Natural Draft TLUD
Me, personaly was testing different types of TLUD`s, from the size of less than one litre, including the "Kampala" model - 3 to 4 litres (1988-90), which I prefer to call it, to the latest one of 5 litre.
Kampala Model StoveKampala Model Stove
All and everyone was operating perfectly with pellets and I was very impressed by the performance of the small ones too, and especially model "Kampala".

Model Kampala 764 CModel Kampala 764 C

The MUS 15 was also tested and seems to be very promissing and so easy to make!

Otto Formo, January 2010

Clean burning PekoPe 2009Clean burning PekoPe 2009

The Peko Pe is an easy to built, top lit, natural draft (no fan) gasifying stove that burns biomass completely (low to no ash or char). It is

  • Efficient: easy to light, easy to handle, cooks quickly at high temperature.
  • Complete combustion no smoke and no soot
  • Flexible Covering all needs of energy for all types of household and institutional kitchen and other activities like take away food, bakery etc.
  • Simple Not intimidating technology.

The Peko Pe

The Energy Unit, single also called Peko Pe is designed to cover the general basic need for energy, but can be manufactured both smaller and bigger.

The combustion chamber is the heart of the system, and from there the heat will be consentrated up under the pot. The Energy Unit can be used both for cooking and for heating. Single, as a cooking or heating stove, it will cover the basic needs of energy for smaller household. More units put together will cover the need of energy for bigger houshold, institutional kitchen and pots of any size.

Boiling water Boiling water

Boiling testBoiling test

The fuel
Any kind of dry combustible biomass can be used as fuel.

The fire has complete combustion; is High temperature. No smoke. No soot. Some tar under the pan. Sensitive to wind

The usage
It is New technology and requires some training, but it is Easy to use; Flexible; Fits all types of kitchen utensils; and transmits No heat to the sides.

For more information, take a look at the Peko Pe web site:
and also the Miomio site:

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