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"I am very pleased to inform you that we are completing the fifth year of establishment of our non-profit organization, Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST) in April 2007. I would like to share our efforts, on this occasion, with a documentary (DVD) film with you recently released by Gorp Productions in Spain for fund raising to support our program in Nepal. Please visit http://www.gorpproductions.com/fostvideo.html or type "Fost Nepal" in GOOGLE VIDEO to view the film."

Air Pollution and Respiratory Health among Honduran Women (2 MB pdf)poster
M.L. Clark,1 J.L. Peel,1 S. Conway,2 J.B. Burch,3 S.J. Reynolds 1 2006

1Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; 2Trees Water & People, Fort Collins, CO; 3University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC




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