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The demand for charcoal is increasing and many companies produce charcoal now.

We design and install ecologically clean and economically efficient charcoal facilities. We are convinced that God's peace was created not to be polluted by people in a rush for ephemeral happiness of shady welfare. Any charcoal production technology is ecologically clean and energy efficient if it is developed competently. We are not alone. It's nice to meet confederates. After all it will be both moral and favorable if we produce charcoal from waste  and  bring no harm to nature. Let's hasten that day!

We invite everyone who deals with the  charcoal production, consumption or conversion to write notes in the guest book.

We invite everyone who is interested to participate in the
Forum on charcoal issues. It should be open for advertisements, comments and discussion.
Russian visitors write in a Forum and Guest book inRussian. Other visitors write in RUssian or englishlanguage. The manager has the right to delete the letters not concerning our problems or impolite intone. The manger delets certainly any advertisingofecologically dirtyprocesses.

ATTENTION PLEASE!  Contact information for the most interesting web sites on charcoal technologies are placed on the page "Classification of charcoal facilities". The list is open for other interesting sites. Please add them within the Forum. 

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