BIOENERGY LLC Ecologically Clean Charcoal Technologies.

Innovations in the Field of Charcoal Production and Conversion

Production of Charcoal from Timber Harvesting and Woodworking Waste

We developed a new technological approach for charcoal production. The new approach was started at St. Petersburg Forestry Academy continued at Partnyor company and developed at LLC "BIOENERGY". We consider the technology must be ecologically clean. Theoretically, the summary heat balance of the process of charcoal burning is positive, and, if we efficiently burn all liquid and gaseous products, there is a significant surplus of heat. The need for burning additional fuel which takes place in the majority of charring installations, is the result of incorrect processing. Relying on these principles, we created the "POLIKOR" family of equipment. "POLIKOR -1" was designed for the production of 400 t/yr of charcoal. It worked 1.5 years and shut down due to non-technological reasons. The first "POLIKOR-2" (1000 t/year) was in 1999 and works to this day. We improved their design and erected the first "POLIKOR-3" that was put into operation in December 2002 in Arkhangelsk.  Its capacity is the same but the unit has some advantages: it's cheaper and easier to maintain. Five devices of this series work now.

The "EKOLON" family of kilns is a further development of our technology with production of charcoal from 600 to 2000 tonnes per year. Two such kilns work now and one is under construction.

Another direction of our activity is the creation of small-scale mobile units. They must be assembled on a turn-key basis at a plant. They can be transported to the waste location by trailers. We have developed designs for 250 t/year of charcoal ("Polyovka") and for 300 t/year of charcoal ("Corvet").

Pilot versions of these kilns are have been successfully tested. "Polevka" is a new kind of construction with horizontal extraction retorts. "Korvet" is a smaller and mobile duplicate of the "Ekolon."

In all applications the same principles - ecology and energy savings - are observed to make good charcoal from any wastes or soils.

The mobil applications are intended, first of all , for use of wastes which are generated by laying of different lines (turnpikes, tubings, roads, etc.) in multi wooded areas. They can be uses for recycling wood from cabins .

The success of all kilns depends on a degree of warm up of charcoal according to the needs of the customer and from the soil. We consider that the kiln makes an average of 1 tonne of charcoal from 8 solid cubic meters of birch wood, or 10-12 cubic meters of conifers or aspen.

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Director General Mark Ya. Pliskin (
Technical Director Vladimir I. Korshikov
Chief Technologist, Yuri D. Yudkevich, PhD

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