POLIKOR Installations 

Installation with telpher (Borovichi)

Installation with gantry crane (Priozersk)

Firewood conveyed to the retort after the wood chopper

Retort with firewood is inset

Gas burning in the furnace

Retort with charcoal is taken out of the furnace

The "Polikor" family was developed at Forestry Academy. The first unit was constructed and put into operation in Vyborg with financing and enthusiasm from Vladimir I. Shershekov. His financial and moral support helped us to believe in our forces and technological options.  V.I.Shershekov must be considered as a founder of this school along with the authors of the first patent for "Polikor" (¹2115689 of the 24-th of January,1997, K.V.Svirin, Yu.D.Yudkevich, À.S.Ivanov),

The "Polikor-1" operating experience allowed creation of the advanced units "Polikor-2" and "Polikor-3". The design was developed due to support and financing provided by Vladimir K.Dubovoy. He provided financing for both the authors and design firms. He possesses exclusive rights for the distribution of the "Polikor-3" engineering design. The "Polikor-3" design  is developed by the company Lonas-Technology

The photos show "Polikor-2"and "Polikor-3" in operation. The photos are made by V.I.Korshikov who was a supervisor of the construction of the units and contributed much in their improvement.

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