Classification of Kilns for Charcoaling  

The diagram shows all existing charcoaling facilities and those that will be created. You can choose the kiln by the number of possibilities.

Interesting addresses:

The Russian-Sweden Biocenter

The International Seminar "Biopower Engineering 2005" according to the requirements of the Kyoto portocol was held in the city of Great Novgorod June 16-17, 2005.

The site "World of Waste" is well organized and works actively

List of sites connected with the production of the charcoal:
Syktyvkar Mashine Works
Facility for charcoal production "Parma"
Coal "Grilly master". Scientific and Manufacturing Enterprise, Poleprom, Ukraine
Company "Russian fuel briquette" Moscow
LLC "Carbon", Kirov
Company "Sorbent", Moscow

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