Alternative Fuel Kiln Burner Video

Alternative Fuel Kiln Burner Video
Ron Rivera, Potters for Peace

Greetings from Potters for Peace, Nicaragua .

I understand that your organization deals more with cook stoves, but third world potters and brick makers also use allot of firewood..

For the past several years we have been experimenting with the use of this type of machine ( that costs about two hundred dollars to make ) to motivate local potters and brick makers to use. In the case of the women potters or Ducaule Grande, Condega , Nicaragua they use 60% less firewood when firing their preheated kiln (with firewood to 250 degrees Celsius ) then fire with coffee husks (rice husks, saw dust and other agricultural waste) which is locally acquired till they get to about 800 degrees celsius. In the past we have been able to fire to 1280 degrees Celsius in a kiln made of refractory bricks. .

Our principle problem is that we must find a low cost way of separating the fuel intake and the air intake so it can be gradual and not, all out fire as demonstrated in the video. As you can see by the short video (we can send you a longer one if interested) the coffee husks are consumed so fast it almost looks like the women are firing with propane.

The technology is not new because many large scale calcium processing plants, large brick producers in Brazil and many coffee processing plants use this process already. What we are trying to do is to make it very low cost so that more and more potters and small brick makers can use them.

If interested please write back.


Ron Rivera
International Coordinator
Ceramic Water Filter Program
Potters For Peace
Managua, Nicaragua
tel: 505 277 3807
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