PCIA Bulletin 9: Commercialization, October 2006

PCIA Bulletin 9, October 2006
Elisa Derby, Lutfiyah Ahmed, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Dear Partners,
We have published the 9th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

The Bulletin provides information on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) and its Partners around the world, and is intended to increase awareness and action on indoor air pollution, household energy and health. Regular features will include spotlights on PCIA partners, feature articles based on a thematic focus, and recent achievements and advances in household energy, indoor air pollution, and health.

The 9th issue focuses on Commercialization and contains a collection of feature articles on: commercialization of household energy products in Guatemala; the Green Village Credit Program in China's Yunnan province; micro enterprise stove project in Honduras; Hotpot commercialization in Mexico; stove commercialization strategies in Uganda; and; Nepal's first Clean Energy bank.

This issue includes a Partner Spotlight on Grameen Shakti and highlights their experience with market based approaches to promote clean energy technologies, such as solar home systems, biogas plants, and improved cook stoves in rural areas of Bangladesh.

In addition, the bulletin contains information on upcoming events and new resources in household energy, indoor air pollution and health.

We hope the PCIA Bulletin will be an important source of information for PCIA partners and others working to improve the lives of millions of women and children worldwide. We encourage you to submit updates on your work, announcements of new resources of interest to this community, and feedback on what information would be most useful and interesting for you to receive through the Bulletin.

The last submission date for Issue 10 is November 15, 2006. Please note that the theme for Issue 10 will be Technology to address indoor air pollution from household energy use. For detailed information on the topics highlighted in the Bulletin or to view previous issues of the Bulletin, please visit www.PCIAonline.org.

Please send this along to other institutions and individuals you think would benefit from this information, and encourage them to join the Partnership through the website to receive future bulletins automatically.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for the bulletin. For more information please contact us at pciaonline@yahoo.com.


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