Winter Stove Workshop on February 4th-8th, 2013, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) and Institutional Stove Solutions (InStove) are co-hosting a winter stove workshop on February 4th-8th, 2013, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA.

At the request of several United Nations and other humanitarian agencies, this workshop is designed to provide a working knowledge of the basic science and current “state of the art” in the development and dissemination of clean cookstoves to headquarters-level coordinators, program administrators and field implementers. Our focus will be on empowering informed decision-making on improved cooking technologies given the realities and current conditions in refugee situations around the world.

In four intensive days, ARC and InStove staff will teach design principles for a variety of stoves, heat transfer basics for more efficient heat use, testing protocols for better stove development and evaluation, a look at the new global stove standards, and proven new (and old) stove production techniques. Both organizations are recognized world leaders in cookstove development.

Workshop participants will leave with a thorough understanding of scientific stove development and the best practices for innovative production and distribution.

Registration is open to all. Cost of the workshop is $750.USD. Travel from the Eugene airport to local lodging and to and from the conference is provided free of cost, as well as daily lunches. Cottage Grove plays host to a variety of hotel options, from very modest to moderately-priced. More information will be provided in your reservation packet and online at

Space is limited to 30 participants, so please reserve a spot as soon as possible.

For reservations/questions contact Stella Strother-Blood
By email:
Or phone: +1-541-515-1330
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