Moisture Content: Web Basis and Dry Basis

Moisture Content

Moisture content in wood fuel is calculated as the percentage difference between the wet weight of the wood and the dry weight of the wood. If the percentage is calculated relative to the wet weight, it is called the wet basis moisture content.
MCwb=(Ww-Wd)/Ww ×100%

If the percentage is calculated relative to the dry weight, it is called the dry basis moisture content.

nMCdb=(Ww-Wd)/Wd ×100%

The two methods of reporting moisture content are related by the equation:
MCdb = MCwb/(100-Mwb)x 100%

For Stove testing, the CSA testing procedure requires that the moisture content of the wood be between 16 and 20% (wet basis), for an average of 18%.

See: B415.1-00 Performance Testing of Solid-Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances, Canadian Standards Association International, December 2000.

From: Residential Wood Burning Emissions in British Columbia Environment Protection Division, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia April 1, 2004, Revised May 17, 2005
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