Next generation house hold cook stove EARTH STOVE

Next generation house hold cook stove EARTH STOVE
Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria, Nishant Bioenergy, April 17, 2007

Dear Stovers,

My self Er Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria, 43 ( nishnat Bioenergy, involved in biomass for thermal application technologies since 1992. Has experience of biomass briquetting, Pelletising and biomass combustion equipments. I developed biomass briquette community cook stove SANJHA CHULHA in the year 1999. This is replacing LPG with biomass briquettes in 27 places ( each places is replacing 42.6 kilo of LPG with 150 Kilo of biomass briquettes. More on this can be found on my web page.

Now i have designed very unique/innovative domestic cook stove EARTH STOVE it has many first. It emits ZERO SMOKE, No ash is handled while working. It has chimney. It has automated fuel feed (powdered biomass like saw dust, any biomass can be converted in powder with the help of pulverizer) It also works very well with wood or small woody pieces of shrubs.In uses no battery and electricity to run the blower or feeder!!!!!.

Likes to share the design with people who can disseminate this technology to the world. I have no resources to feed the large scale demand. Patent is applied for India and profession help is sourced for international patent.

look forward to comments.

Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria