Safe Drinking Water Filtration Unit for Rural Communities

Safe Drinking Water Filtration Unit for Rural Communities
Salih A. Hamadto, Solar Energy Enterprises Co Ltd, June 1, 2008


Drinking water clarification/filtration units, targeting rural communities, have been designed and locally constructed, with installations and successful operation covering villages in Northern and Southern Sudan. The basic unit incorporates an innovative static clarifier. It is made from steel treated with epoxy paint and is rigidly mounted on a skid, whereas it can be hauled to and deployed by the surface water source without the need for expensive site civil infrastructure. Safe drinking water is produced at rates of up to 12 m3 per hour. Power consumption by the intake and dosing pumps is around 3kVA, supplied by a small electric generator.

Dr Salih A. Hamadto
Director, Solar Energy Enterprises Co Ltd
P O Box 13432 Khartoum SUDAN


Mobile Phone: +249 912392526

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