Study about biomass wastes in Cambodia and processing them as alternative fuels

Study about biomass wastes in Cambodia and processing them as alternative fuels
Aurelien Herail, Internship for bachelor Degree at GERES, Cambodia, July 2006

Internship summary

Objective :
The first objective of this internship at GERES-CFSP was to study waste/residue availability in Cambodia, mostly biomass, and the different ways to process them as alternative fuels.

The aim of this prefeasibility study was to present to the GERES different technically and economically profitable projects which could be put in place over the next few years.

The work was part of the main GERES Cambodian project which aims to stop deforestation in this country by working on an alternative and sustainable energy policy.

Main steps of the work :

 State of the art of biomass fuel consumptions in both rural and urban places.

 State of the art of waste/residues, as fuels, available in both rural and urban places.

 Summarize the way to process these waste/residues as alternative fuels according consumers requirements.

Work strategy :
At first, the work was to collect data in organizations and by interviewing people, mostly through field investigations.

All the data collected related to energy consumptions in small scale industries, industries and domestic use in rural and urban places. This work has also been done for waste/residues availabilities.

Second, the work was to analyse these data in order to make a projects proposal based on Cambodian context.

Conclusion :
Regarding social, economical and technical context in Cambodia, three way of valorization are interesting to consider : Gasification for thermal and electrical applications, carbonization for char briquetting activity and densification for biomass briquetting activity.

In total, four projects are economically interesting for the nearly next years while two others will be later. Actually in Cambodia artisanal/small scale activities are preferable to industrials.Nike Air Force 1 '07 Lv8 Utility White/White-Black-Tour Yellow – nike jordan 6 rings boots sale free stuff youtube