FoST Solar and Non Solar Technologies - Fan Stoves and Briquettes from Waste Materials, Nepal

Foundation for Sustainable Technologies - FoST Non-Solar Technologies:
Sanu Kaji Shrestha November 2006

FoST RocketFoST Rocket

"FoST is continuing its research and development efforts with its limited
resources. It is constantly evaluating existing sustainable technologies and adapting them to the specific resources and needs of Nepal. It has been providing wide selection of products for cooking, drying, heat retaining and water purification using both solar and other environment-friendly sustainable technologies. It has also introduced sustainable sanitation and composting for the rural people."

Non Solar Technologies
* Fuel Wood Efficient Rocket Stoves
* Heat Retaining Boxes
* Composting Toilets
* Composting Bins
* Water Pasteurization Indicators
* Briquettes from Waste Material

FoST is currently conducting research on the following technologies:

* Solar Oven with Reflectors
* Solar Wall Ovens
* Solar Water Heating Tubes
* Solar Water Pasteurizer s
* Light weight Collapsible Solar Dryers
* Low Cost WLED Lighting
* Fuel wood efficient smokeless two burner rocket stove s
* Tekkers' Stoves
* Gassifier Stoves
* Fan Stoves
* Briquette making from waste material

Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST)
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