CSU: Graduate Student Opportunity

CSU Graduate Student Opportunity
Patcrick McGoldrick, Global Innovation Center for Energy, Environment & Health
Colorado State University, CSU, Fort Collins,CO March 14, 2007

We are actively recruiting students for our Mechanical Engineering graduate program (working for our Global Innovation Center programs). We are ultimately looking for an ME student to drive our clean cook stove projects. Dr. Bryan Willson thought you might know of students looking for an opportunity to really engage in a humanitarian engineering effort. I’ve attached a flyer with a little more description. In short, we’re looking for one or two students who will work towards an MS Degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and work on all aspects of our stoves program: design, manufacturing, dissemination, field work, etc… We are offering:
• Full tuition
• Monthly Stipend
• International Travel opportunities
• Education in all aspects of stoves work: design, manufacturing, distribution, ethnographical training
• Opportunities to work with local and international partners
• Collaborative projects with: Envirofit International and other Universities.

Please help us circulate the word among your students and colleagues. If you have any questions, please let me know. Perhaps I’ll see some of you in Bangalore next week for the PCIA Conference? I’ll look forward to hearing from you on this.

Mac McGoldrick
Program Manager
Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory
Global Innovation Center for Energy, Environment & Health
Colorado State University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Campus Delivery 1374
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1374
Phone: 970/ 491-4793
Mobile: 970/ 217-2095
Email: Mac.McGoldrick@colostate.edu
Web: www.EECL.colostate.edu

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