PCIA Bulletin: Stove Testing Protocols, Facilities and Standards Development

PCIA Bulletin, October 2009
(See the attached pdf file for the complete bulletin)

This issue's introduction was written by
Guest Editor Nordica McCarty, Laboratory
Manager at Aprovecho Research Center.

At the PCIA forum in Kampala this March, it was
exciting to see the strong interest in stove testing
that has been developing in our community. In
the practice sessions, many Partners asked great
questions and actively participated to learn about
testing. Many people also expressed how eager
they were to begin quantifying stove performance
when they returned home to their projects. More
than half of the participants reported having
conducted stove performance tests. PCIA’s goal is
for all Partners to test their stoves to understand
how they perform, and the Partnership is
committed to help them.

Testing helps us to compare and improve our
stove designs, and to understand the most
important thing: how much of an improvement we
are making in people’s lives. I know from personal
experience that it can be extremely satisfying to
carefully design and build a stove and then
receive testing results back from the field that
show a substantial improvement over traditional
cooking methods.

When stoves are carefully tested and adhere to
quality and performance criteria, continued
funding and the success of projects seems a lot
more certain. Efforts in many countries toward
internationally accepted performance standards
are rapidly moving forward, leading to better
stove designs and greater confidence of success in
the international spotlight.

Today we are fortunate that emission measuring
devices and standard tests are readily available
Many PCIA Partners are using these resources to
develop better stoves, monitor their performance,
and feel confident that expectations are met when
stoves are disseminated. In this issue of the
Bulletin, some of the groups who have embraced
testing share their experiences. We hope this
information will be of use as we work together as
a united community to bring millions of improved
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