Haiti Paper Fuel Pellets

refering to the crizes on Haiti and the aftermath of the earthquake, we hereby like inform you about the You Tube video of former president and now UN Spescial envoy to Haiti, mr. Clinton and his speach about the possibilities to change focus from charcoal to briquettes or pellets produced out of any type of dry biomass as household energy in Haiti or elsewhere in the world:
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We also like to highlight that this is what we, (Miombo) and Paal Wendelbo have been talking about for years

Also refering to our pilot project in Zambia 2009, to introduce the TLUD ND Peko Pe stove and the fact to change from charcoal to any type of dry biomass to be used in these clean burning and efficient cook stoves.

This is what Paal Wendelbo have been talking about for almost twenty years
The inventor of the TLUD N Peko Pe was awarded a prize in Oregon, USA August 2009 for the most innovative and clean burning stove.
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