Wood Pellet Camping and Biofuel Stove

Wood Pellet Camping ad Biofuel Stove
Deris Jeneatte, Cleardome Solar, april 2008

Here's a stove and solar appliances for the camping set. Some concepts may apply to cooking stoves.

I'm new to your website and not sure how to add content on a new biomass cooker called the Wood Pellet Camp and Survival stove, seen here on it's web page: http://home.att.net/~cleardomesolar/pelletcampstove.html

The primary fuel design is for compressed wood pellets, but it also burns any other type of bio fuels such as dried bamboo, twigs or small branches, small pieces of wood waste, dried seeds or seed shells, and even charcoal. It's unlike other wood pellet stoves like the Woodgas stove in that no fan or power suppy is needed to create enough convective air flow to properly burn the pellets or other dry fuel.

It's small, at only 5" x 7", very sturdy and a durable metal stove that will be available to purchase from our web page in the next month. My company also makes high quality solar cookers, and we now have the Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker available, and it's visible at: http://home.att.net/~cleardomesolar/parabolic.html

You help is appreciated in posting this new design cooker.

Best regards,

Deris Jeannette
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