Review of China's National Improved Stoves Programs

Review of China's National Improved Stoves Programs
Jonathan Sinton, LBL, January2005
University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, China Centers for Disease Control, Renmin University,Tsinghua University Funded by Shell Foundation, London, Fogarty International Center, Bethesda MD

China’s Improved Stove Programs
•Original National Improved Stove Program NISP started in early 1980s under Ministry of Agriculture.
•Oriented primarily to increase efficiency of biomass use.
•Largely finished by 1995, it is considered the most successful of the Chinese energy efficiency programs.
•Coincided, however, with growth in rural incomes and changes in rural fuel structure.
•New programs developed in late 1990s, e.g.,:
–Ministry of Health–improved coal stoves in areas with endemic fluorine and arsenic poisoning
–State Development Planning Commission–Yangtze River Valley to stop soil erosion.

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