Comparative Water Boiling Test (Cambodia) for Wood

Comparative Water Boiling Test

The Comparative Water Boiling Test (CWBT) is an adaptation by Jean-François Rozis of the test method and procedure of the international standard Water Boiling Test (WBT), modified to account for the real customs and habits of cooking in Cambodia. CWBT is only for comparing stoves’ Potential Fuel Savings under similar conditions of use, which eliminates error sources from fuel heat value calculations.

The CWBT is designed to duplicate as closely as possible real cooking conditions. As well, the CWBT is designed to be simple – it requires minimum equipment easily available in Cambodia and is easy to conduct in the field. The CWBT also simplifies the calculation at the end of the test.

The CWBT is designed for Cambodia, but its general procedure could be adapted for use in other countries. (HEDON)

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