SODIS - Safe Drinking Water

Michael travor, Majuro, Marshall Islands, January 19, 2010

Noting World Stoves efforts there is another critical issue for Haiti. WATER. In line with this I would like to point out SODIS which people can google for more information. Essentially it is is simply a clear plastic bottle partially filled with water, shaken and placed in direct sunlight. Oxygen, UV light and elevated temperature yield safe drinking water. Anyone is a position to do so
should see about passing on the information where it would do the most good.

Michael N Trevor
Marshall Islands

Safe Drinking Water

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<p>There is also another simple method of sterilizing water. It was introduced into rural Maharashtra (India) by a medical doctor. The rural biomass burning stoves are made using mud. This gentleman made a cavity next to the fire box of the stove to accommodate a glass bottle filled with water. While the food is being cooked, the water too gets heated. Even if the water does not come to a boil, it gets sterilized by the time the cooking is over. He devised this method to provide safe drinking water to infants. Infant mortality due to diarrhoea is very high in rural India.<br /> Yours<br /> A.D.Karve</p>